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What do we offer on this website?

Originally the medium "blotter" was intended for the distribution of "acid blotter" and it was not collected as an art form, however today signed and limited edition blotter art sheets are highly sought after and collected for their historical and artistic value. Over the decades, thousands of blotter sheets were witheld and saved from it's illegal distribution and use, by collectors. Most of them have by now become rare "Blotter Art" and collectors items, especially when they were signed by the artist or prominent people in the field of psychedelic research at the time.

Blotter Visions is proudly showcasing an extensive private collection of signed, vintage and original blotter art sheets gathered over a 20 year period. The collection consists of a wide range of traditional and authentic prints, signed and numbered by artists such as Luke Brown, Alex Grey, James Clements, Lucifer, Amanda Sage, Stanley Mouse, etc, or signed by important historical people such as Albert Hofmann, Ralph Metzner, H.R. Giger, Timothy Leary, Mark McCloud, Ann and Sasha Shulgin, and so on. The rare sheets presented in the private collection are not for sale. Our aim is to enlarge the treasure rather than deplete it. 

In the category "Classic Blotter Art" you will find many certified original, limited edition and signed pieces that are still available for sale for the collector. These classic pieces are all very limitedly available.

In the category "New Blotter Art" we proudly present our entirely new, limited edition signed collection of blotter art, made with the highest quality standards and honoring all it's unique characteristics, as a tribute to true blotter art. Our sheets are made with acid and chlorine free, 100% cotton blotting paper, are high resolution printed with archival standards, perforated manually with the highest precision, are numbered and signed by the artists and come with a certificate of authenticity. We work with some of the world's best visionary artists who produce stunning new visionary blotter art sheets with us on this unique and controversial medium.

If you are a blotter artist or collector and have feedback or additional information about the artworks presented, please contact us. Make sure to register and subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about anything new in our private collection, our shop section and other exciting developments.

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